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Introduction to Encaustic Workshops May 14-15 2011

Introduction to Encaustic Painting: Hands-On workshop for getting the basics

This is an highly informative workshop designed to get you painting with ease and confidence right away! We will cover the basic materials and processes using best-practices to insure that you have a solid foundation to build from.
This workshop is designed to give you a maximum amount of time to paint.
We will cover:
How to prepare your panel: grounds & supports
Working with color mixing & making color tests
Basic fusing techniques for both texture & smooth surfaces
Basic Line & Edge work

ALL materials are provided for this introductory class.

May 14th 10AM-3:30PM
Cost: $140.00 plus $30.00 materials fee = $170.00 Total
No encaustic experience necessary

Advancing the Basics in Encaustic: Hands-On workshop to start refining your work

This workshop is designed to develop a deeper understanding of the materials and techniques used in encaustic painting. Through lecture & demonstration we will cover a wide vierity of information and materials, with the majority of time focused on your own painting time.
We will cover:
Line & Edge development
Scraping techniques
Use of oils & pigment sticks
Image incorporation (stamp work, text, line drawings, etc.)
Basic studio set-up & safety

ALL materials are provided for this class.

May 15th 10AM-3:30PM
Cost: $140.00 plus $30.00 materials fee = $170.00 Total

SAVE money and register for both days!
If you register for both classes enjoy a reduced rate of $310.00 Total, a $30 savings!

Email: info@carihernandez.com
To register!
Workshop Location: Sebastopol, CA

If a workshop is cancelled due to under enrollment you will be notified no later than one week before the workshop is scheduled and your workshop payment will be returned to you in full. If you must withdraw from a workshop with a minimum of 4 weeks notice, your workshop fee will be refunded minus a $40.00 processing fee.

If you withdraw from a workshop within 4 weeks prior to a workshop, no refund shall be made. By registering you agree to assume all responsibility for nonrefundable travel and lodging expenses.

encaustic workshops

BIG News: I am excited about the release of my first instructional DVD this June, 2010 - WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques !
for more information; http://www.waxtwist.com

Getting Started...

I love teaching and sharing my knowledge and experiences of working with wax. I currently teach private and semi private workshops in my studio by appointment or as part an ongoing monthly schedule. Additionally, I teach workshops for larger groups (10-15) at different venues- My 2011 schedule is listed in the side column with direct links. At the end of my workshop descriptions, you will find photos from my past workshop...have a look!

If you are interested in a private/semi private session in my studio, please contact me: cari@carihernandez.com

Please check my calendar for a listing of workshops and lectures.
web site: www.carihernandez.com

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Beginning Student Workshop

Beginning Student Workshop

A 2 day beginning workshop is designed to introduce artists to the encaustic medium by way of lecture/demonstration/hands-on work.
Students will have a brief overview of the history of the medium, current contemporary artists, and safety practices. We will also discuss issues to consider in setting up your own encaustic studio.
Best practices will be established in the instruction of building a painting from the panel up...covering the basics of grounds and supports/ medium/ basics of paint/ fusing options and techniques.
Basic techniques of painting/layering/line & edge will be covered.
As students spend hands-on time working with these materials, new techniques will be introduced such as; photo transfers, silver/gold leaf, imbedded objects, scraping/incising, etc.
Additional topics are available if time allows; paint stick, basic underpainting, collage, pouring, etc.
Considerations in storing and shipping will be discussed at the end of the workshop.

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Encaustic Altered Books workshop @ Kala Art Insitute, Berkeley, CA

Encaustic Altered Books workshop @ Kala Art Insitute, Berkeley, CA
students presenting work

Intermediate Encaustic Workshop @ Kala Arts, Berkeley, CA : June 13-14 2009

Here are some images from the June 13-14 workshop that I taught, there were 15 wonderful students!

talk on working LARGE

fiber sculpture

Winndance working large

perfectly prepared panels...

student workstation

teaching an Encasutic Altered Books workshop at Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA

teaching an Encasutic Altered Books workshop at Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA
reviewing student work- such fun!

Esalen Encaustic Workshop April 25- May 1st 2009

I had the pleasure of co-teaching a week long encaustic workshop, we had wonderful students - great weather- ocean front studio space- the best food, and so much fun!

The Art Barn

The Art Barn
our studio location for the week

daily demonstrations...

Cynthia teaching

Erica working on underpainting

busy students